Chanterelle Mushrooms

One of he many varieties of mushrooms that grown naturally here on the property are Chanterelles.  One of the finest and more valuable edible mushrooms you can find, these grown in abundance among the 17+ acres. With a relatively short growing period, there is about a one month harvesting period here in Northeast PA.  They grow in patches typically around oak and hemlock trees. During a good harvest I can usually find upwards to 5-10 pounds in a single walk.

They are fairly easy to identify as they are bright orange and can grow in noticeable patches.

How to cook these mushrooms is entirely up to you.  The most common preparation of chanterlles is to saute them in butter or oil in a frying pan.  However I have eaten these prepared in a multitude of ways including fried, breaded, baked, grilled and in sauces.