A Good Dog

Hard Work

Heavy Equipment

Pets & Wildlife

Offering a wide variety of wildlife and beautiful hillside and forest creek views, there is peaceful serenity in every direction.

Tractors & Equipment

The equipment list on the homestead is always growing and changing. Follow all of the tractor updates as we build up our heavy machinery.

Land & Property

View the latest articles about what is going on around the land and property. Follow us as we develop shelters, gardens and access.


There are a few buildings on the property.  Keep up to date with the current buildings and potential new builds.

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Crafts & Projects

Check out some of the projects going on around the homestead and the items made from resources found on the property.

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Farm & Garden

Flowers, mushrooms and vegetables.  We grow it all here.  Follow the production of the gardens with posts and images.

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The Homestead Mission

Purchased in September of 2015 this property includes more than 17 acres of woodsy mountainside terrain with fresh water provided by a mountainside creek.  Included on the land are two homes, a large pole barn and two smaller outbuildings we will call the pool-house and the shed.

My main goal for this property is eventual self sustainability including food, water, utilities and income. The house is currently connected to the electrical grid and I am currently purchasing much of the food I consume. Revenue generating processes are being implemented.

The final purpose to this property is to make sure that there will always be room and nature for my family and friends to enjoy, learn from and participate in.


Sunlight Through The Trees

See What We're Up To

I am currently working on a productive garden and expect to have the biggest harvest yet. We are also working on getting a safe place for livestock setup. Goats and chickens are first on the list. In addition we are always doing something on the property to work towards a permanent homesteading future.  See what we are up to.