The Mission

The purpose of this life long project is to design and create the best possible environment for sustainability and create a place to establish a connection with nature for generations in the future.

The Story

After nearly a decade of searching for a property that meets all my requirements to build a sustainable future, in 2015 the Mount Bethel, PA located 17 acre mountainside abandoned farmstead was purchased in order to move forward with the Hanlon Homestead dream.  Hoping to create a private, natural retreat for friends and family, this project should take five to ten years to be complete enough to feel permanently sustainable. During this time I will be constructing a family sized home, developing gardens for food production and developing the landscape into a more healthy and bio-diverse forest and functional farm.

Homestead Heroes

Team members of the homestead. Each member plays an integral in making this place possible.


Kevin Hanlon

Founder & Creator

"Anything worth having is worth working for."

Boyd The Bridge Troll

Boyd "Hound Dog"

Chief Security Officer

"Hardest working member on The Homestead."


Quake & Irene

Co-Decorating Officers

"We keep all of the buildings pest free!"

Next Steps...

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